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ABBA GOLD – Greatest Hits 1992 Pop
ABBA More ABBA Gold – More ABBA Hits 1993 Pop
Acoustic Alchemy Natural Elements 1988 Smooth Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy The Very Best of Acoustic Alchemy 2002 Smooth Jazz
Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy 1977 Fusion
Al Di Meola Casino 1978 Fusion
Al Di Meola Splendido Hotel 1980 Fusion
Allan Holdsworth Metal Fatigue 1985 Fusion / Guitar
Aqua Aquarium 1997 Pop
Aqua Aquarius 2000 Pop
Beatles Please Please Me 1963 Rock / R&B
Beatles With The Beatles 1963 Rock / R&B
Beatles A Hard Day’s Night 1964 Rock
Beatles Beatles For Sale 1964 Rock
Beatles Help! 1965 Rock
Beatles Rubber Soul 1965 Rock
Beatles Sgt. peppers lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Rock
Beatles The Beatles (White Album) 1968 Rock
Beatles Abbey Road 1969 Rock
Beatles Let It Be 1970 Rock
Bill Bruford One of a Kind 1989 Progressive Rock
Billy Jeol The Stranger 1977 Pop
Billy Jeol 52nd Street 1978 Pop
Boston Boston 1976 Rock
Boston Don’t Look Back 1978 Rock
Boz Scaggs Middle Man 1980 Rock
Chick Corea Elektric Band The Chick Corea Elektric Band 1986 Fusion
Christopher Cross Christopher Cross 1979 AOR
Christopher Cross Another Page 1983 AOR
Corrs Best of the Corrs 2001 Pop
Dan Siegel Birds of a Feather 1987 Fusion
Dave Grusin One of a Kind 1977 Fusion
Dave Grusin Mountain Dance 1979 Fusion
Dave Grusin Night-Lines 1983 Fusion
Deep Purple In Rock 1970 Hardrock
Deep Purple Machine Head 1972 Hardrock
Deep Purple Burn 1974 Hardrock
Dexie Chicks Wide Open Spaces 1998 Country
Dexie Chicks Fly 1999 Country
Dexie Chicks Home 2002 Country
Dexie Chicks Taking the Long Way Home 2006 Country
Don Grusin 10k-La 1981 Fusion
Don Grusin Don Grusin 1983 Fusion
Donald Fagen The Night Fly 1982 AOR
Doobie Brothers Minute by Minute 1978 AOR
Eagles One of These Nights 1975 Rock / AOR
Eagles Hetel Cariforlnia 1976 Rock / AOR
Eagles The Long Run 1979 Rock / AOR
Eagles Live 1980 Rock / AOR
Earl Klugh Earl Klugh 1976 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Living Inside Your Love 1976 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Finger Paintings 1977 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Magic in Your Eyes 1979 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Dreames Come True 1980 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Crazy for You 1981 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Low Ride 1982 Smooth Jazz
Earl Klugh Wishful Thinking 1983 Smooth Jazz
Emmylou Harris Profile / Best of Emmylou Harris 1978 Country
Emmylou Harris Profile II / Best of Emmylou Harris 1984 Country
Enigma Enigma 3 / Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi 1991 Newage
Frank Gambale The Great Explorers 1993 Fusion / Guitar
Frank Gambale Passages 1994 Fusion / Guitar
George Benson In Flight 1977 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Livin’ Inside Your Love 1979 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Give Me the Night 1980 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson In Your Eyes 1983 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson 20/20 1984 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson While the City Sleeps 1986 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Twice the Love 1988 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Tenderly 1989 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Love Remembers 1993 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Benson Standing Together 1998 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Duke Dream On 1982 Fusion/AOR/R&B
George Duke Thief in the Night 1988 Fusion/AOR/R&B
Jeff Beck Blow by Blow 1975 Instrumental Rock/Fusion
Jeff Beck Wired 1976 Instrumental Rock/Fusion
Jeff Beck There and Back 1980 Instrumental Rock/Fusion
Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien 1987 Instrumental Rock
Joe Satriani Flying in a Blue Dream 1989 Instrumental Rock
Joe Satriani Extremist 1992 Instrumental Rock
Karla Bonoff Karla Bonoff 1977 Pop / Rock
Karla Bonoff Restless Nights 1979 Pop / Rock
Karla Bonoff Wild heart of the Young 1982 Pop / Rock
Karla Bonoff New World 1988 Pop / Rock
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King 1969 Progressive Rock
Larry Carlton Larry Carlton 1978 Fusion / Guitar
Larry Carlton Strikes Twice 1980 Fusion / Guitar
Larry Carlton Sleep Walk 1982 Fusion / Guitar
Larry Carlton Friends 1983 Fusion / Guitar
Larsen-Feiten Band Larsen-Feiten Band 1980 Fusion
Larsen-Feiten Band Full Moon 1982 Fusion
LeAnn Rimes LeAnn Rimes 1999 Country
LeAnn Rimes I Need You 2001 Country
LeAnn Rimes Twisted Angel 2002 Country
LeAnn Rimes This Woman 2005 Country
Lee Ritenour First Course 1976 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Gentle Thoughts 1977 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Captain Fingers 1977 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Sugar Loaf Express 1977 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour The Captain’s Journey 1978 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Feel the Night 1979 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Friendship 1979 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Rio 1979 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Rit 1981 Fusion / AOR
Lee Ritenour Rit 2 1982 Fusion / AOR
Lee Ritenour On the Line 1983 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Banded Together 1984 Fusion / AOR
Lee Ritenour Earth Run 1986 Fusion / AOR
Lee Ritenour Portrait 1987 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Festival 1988 Fusion / Guitar
Lee Ritenour Color Rit 1990 Fusion / Guitar
Linda Ronstadt Don’t Cry Now 1973 Pop / Rock
Linda Ronstadt Prisoner in Disguise 1975 Pop / Rock
Linda Ronstadt Hasten Down the Wind 1976 Pop / Rock
Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams 1977 Pop / Rock
Linda Ronstadt Liveing in the U.S.A. 1978 Pop / Rock
Martina McBride Greatest Hits 2001 Country
Martina McBride Martina 2003 Country
Mezzoforte Surprise Surprise 1983 Fusion
Mezzoforte Catching Up with Mezzoforte 1984 Fusion
Mezzoforte Rising 1985 Fusion
Mezzoforte No Limits 1986 Fusion
Mezzoforte Playing for Time 1989 Fusion
Mike Oldfield Voyage 1996 Newage
Michael Schenker The Michael Schenker Group 1980 Hardrock
Neil Larsen Jungle Fever 1978 Fusion
Neil Larsen High Gear 1979 Fusion
Neil Larsen Smooth Talk 1989 Fusion
Neil Larsen Through Any Window 1990 Fusion
Nicolette Larson Nicolette 1978 Pop / Rock
Nicolette Larson In the Nick of Time 1979 Pop / Rock
Nicolette Larson Radioland 1980 Pop / Rock
Olivia Newton-John Come on Over 1976 Pop
Olivia Newton-John Don’t Stop Believin’ 1976 Pop
Rippingtons Welcome to the St. James’ Club 1990 Fusion
Rippingtons Weekend in Monaco 1992 Fusion
Robben Ford The Inside Story 1979 Fusion
Robben Ford Talk to Your Daughter 1988 Fusion / Blues
Santana Zebop! 1981 Rock
Shakatak Drivin’ Hard 1981 Fusion
Shakatak Night Birds 1982 Fusion
Shakatak Invitations 1982 Fusion
Steely Dan Gaucho 1982 AOR
Steve Morse Introduction 1984 Instrumental Rock
Steve Vai Passion and Warfare 1990 Instrumental Rock
Timothy B. Schmit Playin’ It Cool 1984 AOR
Timothy B. Schmit
Tell Me the Truth
1990 AOR
TOTO TOTO 1978 Rock / AOR
TOTO Hydra 1979 Rock / AOR
TOTO Turn Back 1981 Rock / AOR
TOTO IV 1982 Rock / AOR
Van Halen Van Halen 1978 Hard Rock
Van Halen Women and Children First 1980 Hard Rock
White Snake Ready an’ Willing 1980 Hard Rock
Whitney Houston Whitney Houston 1985 AOR / R&B
スクェア マジック J-Fusion
パフューム Complete Best 2006 J-Pop
パフューム Game 2008 J-Pop
高中正義 虹伝説 / The Rainbow Goblins 1981 Fusion
松任谷(荒井)由実 YUMING BRAND 1976 J-Pop